Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lilee's Ladybug Bedroom

This week my little Lilee transitioned from her crib/daybed to a "big girl" bed. She wanted a ladybug room.
So we started with this quilt set as the theme and went from there.

Here is our cat Arney, demanding to be petted.

This wall has a mirror (obviously) with some flowers she picked out at Hobby Lobby and a couple of the vinyl ladybugs I made for her.

Here is her name cut out of vinyl and another ladybug I made her.

Here are her crazy beaded curtains, that also came from Hobby lobby. They were red so I said "why not?" and went with it.
Most of you may not know that her room was already painted blue like the sky with clouds and had a border of blue and yellow vinyl daisies around the bottom. It had been like that since Marlee was a baby and that was her room, but she moved on to another bedroom when I was pregnant and this became Lilee's room. I think the ladybugs worked out good with the "sky" walls.

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