Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sharing a Good "review"

In this modern day of internet it's very easy to share our opinions and reviews of customer service and products both good and bad (more commonly bad as it seems every one wants to warn others of a bad experience)
I want to share with you today a good experience I had this week.
This isn't your typical "customer service" or "product" review actually there is no product involved.
This is about prayer and how God does listen to our prayers.
On Tuesday my youngest daughter, Lilee had to go have surgery to get tubes in her ears and her adenoids removed. This is a pretty common procedure and you probably know at least one kid, if not your own, who has had this done. But that doesn't change the fact that it was my little girl and I was scared for her. Not so much the surgery itself, but putting her under anesthesia and all that goes with it.
So last Sunday I shared in church my concerns and asked for prayers for Lilee and myself in dealing with the events to come on Tuesday.
Her procedure was to take place Tuesday morning and I was a huge ball of nerves. We didn't really tell Lilee ahead of time since she probably wouldn't understand what surgery is and no need worrying her so she had no idea what was going to be happening, just that she was going to see her doctor to "get her ears fixed".

After we arrived and I completed the admissions paperwork they gave Lilee a coloring book to keep her busy while we waited to be called back. So we took the coloring book and sat down at a small coffee table so she could color. There on the table was a bible. A little unusual to see in a non-religion based medical office. But I kinda felt comforted to see it sitting there and even considered reading a little to help calm my nerves. However I didn't because I was more concerned with entertaining Lilee.

So she gets called back to a room so she can change into a hospital gown and get prepped for surgery. The anesthetist comes in and explains to us how she will take Lilee back and sedated her yadda, yadda, yadda. The nurses came in to take all her vitals, ask us a barrage of health questions and answer any of our questions. Then they wheeled our little girl away and Kevin and I were sent to the waiting room again.
There were a few other people in the waiting room, all minding their own business. Kevin and I sat, each reading our smart phones and waiting on the time to pass until we would hear how everything went.  When I had checked all my emails, surfed through facebook posts and briefly watched a little TV, I kept thinking wonder what's going on back in the operating room. So I closed my eyes and began to pray - Lord, I know this is a common routine procedure, but it isn't common for me to have my daughter going through this. Please Lord let everything go as easily as it is supposed to and help me stay calm so that I can be there for Lil.
I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Therein the waiting room was another family, also waiting on someone who was back have surgery. They had just been called back to go see their family member who was now in recovery. One of the women was wearing a t shirt that said in big bold letters "God is good - all the time" and on the back as she walked away I noticed it said "All the time - God is good". I almost cried, I am certain God was speaking to me, letting me know He got this, everything was going to be just fine.
It was only a minute later that we were called back to go see Lilee in recovery, surgery went well and she was just fine!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Homemade Shelf

I've had this project in mind for a while and with the help of my husband, Kevin my idea came to life.
I wanted it to be rustic looking, but still match the colors of my decor.Thank goodness Kevin is handy with woodworking and willing to build whatever is in my head :)
He used cedar siding, that still has a rough sawn texture and we left it unfinished so it would continue to age.
I got the hangers/hooks at Hobby Lobby. Kevin cut out the rectangles for my letters from 1" thick MDF and I painted them a chocolate brown. Then using my Cricut and the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge I cut each letter in shadow then regular using the patterned cardstock. I also inked the edged of all my papers with Vintage Photo distress ink to give it a further aged look. I adhered the letters to the blocks of MDF with mod podge. I applied 3 coats total (letting it dry completely between each coat). Then I inked the edges of the blocks with Staz-on saddle brown (because that won't smear off of the slick mod podged surface)
The shelf/rack has already become very useful. The girls hang their coats and back packs on it when they come home and I always know where my purse is now :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

The new release of craft products are about to hit the stores. I'm not even over the excitement of this past summer's release yet! But get ready to drool because these items are AMAZING.
Your Memories Here has been offering pre-orders of Prima's new products for the past 3 releases now, and our orders for them seems to be increasing with each subsequent year - Why? Because more and more crafters are finding out how SUPER AWESOME they are and WHAT A GREAT DEAL it is to purchase this way.
We started out offering "Grab Bags" of random all new products from the release in 3 sizes to work with your budget - these are perfect if you just can't decide which new line you love or just want a sample of everything that Prima offers.
Last summer we added the option to purchase a "Complete Collection" of products from one individual line. We're doing that again this year so that if you know what you want - you will get what you want because it is all clearly listed on the products page in our store.
So you choose which option is best for you!
Prima is promising to have these products out early to it's retailers (like mid February) which is good and not so good - Good, because that means you will not have to wait long at all for these wonderful new goodies. Not So Good, because that doesn't give you much time to get your order in. See we have to place our orders with Prima ASAP so that we are one of the first to receive these products (since they ship on a first come, first serve basis).
So please don't delay in placing your orders, we don't want you to miss out on this fantastic deal. The deadline for the Prima pre-orders is going to be February 2, 2012 - yep Groundhog Day for those of you who live in the U.S.

Also for a first time ever, we are offering a pre-order on a highly anticipated new product - Tim Holtz Distress Markers from Ranger!
37 markers in all the glorious Distress Colors that Ranger has to offer. Each marker is available to be sold individually and retails for $3.50 - but who are we kidding, you know you want them all? So we are offering the complete set with storage tube at a discounted price of $110 (and that does include shipping to the U.S.)
This offer will be good until February 15th - so you can ask your sweetie for the set for Valentine's Day :)
And lastly, each and every pre-order (Prima or Ranger) will receive a gift from me because I truly appreciate you choosing to shop with us.