Sunday, November 22, 2009

Handmade Hatpins

I just love things that sparkle (my husband will attest to me being "like a squirrel") so when I saw some hand made hat pins on Bree's blog (along with a video tutorial) I had to give them a try too. If you go in search of some you'll find they're a bit expensive to buy ready made.

I only made a few to start but I'm so addicted, when I get a chance I'll be making loads more. It's really as simple as picking out some of your favorite beads and gluing them on a pin, who couldn't do that? Now I just need to make some cards and things to use this beautiful baubles on :)


Enfys said...

I love these Kristina. I'll pass on your site to the UK girls, always good to find someone who will ship to the UK.
big hugs
En x

Sandy said...

They look fab Kritina...what a great idea...I love them!!!

flowerdisco said...

Nice pins. Last week I was thinking of making some myself and never got to it. Maybe this coming year :)I think they are so pretty.