Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pictures of the Girls

My Aunt Diann just reminded me that I have yet to post my Halloween pictures. So Aunt Di these are for you and your co-workers ;) and anyone else who wants to sneak a peek.

Lilee was a little Devil on Trick or Treat night but dresses as a cheerleader for Marlee's pre-school party. Marlee was Snow White, she loves dressing up as a princess, Halloween isn't the only time she wears this :) The last photo is Marlee and Lilee on the couch with baby Dalenee (she was a little hot dog). Hope these photos gave you a laugh.


eiyiyi said...

Oh Kristina, they are absolutely, positively adorable!

Sandy said...

awwww Kristina thanx for sharing these photos with us...they are just toooo cute!

Enfys said...

These are just adorable Kristina, love the idea of a baby hot dog, although I can only see the top of a sweet little head. TFS, lovely
big hugs
En xx

justyolie said...

woohoo Steelers fan here...all they way in Southern California! :0