Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sharing a Good "review"

In this modern day of internet it's very easy to share our opinions and reviews of customer service and products both good and bad (more commonly bad as it seems every one wants to warn others of a bad experience)
I want to share with you today a good experience I had this week.
This isn't your typical "customer service" or "product" review actually there is no product involved.
This is about prayer and how God does listen to our prayers.
On Tuesday my youngest daughter, Lilee had to go have surgery to get tubes in her ears and her adenoids removed. This is a pretty common procedure and you probably know at least one kid, if not your own, who has had this done. But that doesn't change the fact that it was my little girl and I was scared for her. Not so much the surgery itself, but putting her under anesthesia and all that goes with it.
So last Sunday I shared in church my concerns and asked for prayers for Lilee and myself in dealing with the events to come on Tuesday.
Her procedure was to take place Tuesday morning and I was a huge ball of nerves. We didn't really tell Lilee ahead of time since she probably wouldn't understand what surgery is and no need worrying her so she had no idea what was going to be happening, just that she was going to see her doctor to "get her ears fixed".

After we arrived and I completed the admissions paperwork they gave Lilee a coloring book to keep her busy while we waited to be called back. So we took the coloring book and sat down at a small coffee table so she could color. There on the table was a bible. A little unusual to see in a non-religion based medical office. But I kinda felt comforted to see it sitting there and even considered reading a little to help calm my nerves. However I didn't because I was more concerned with entertaining Lilee.

So she gets called back to a room so she can change into a hospital gown and get prepped for surgery. The anesthetist comes in and explains to us how she will take Lilee back and sedated her yadda, yadda, yadda. The nurses came in to take all her vitals, ask us a barrage of health questions and answer any of our questions. Then they wheeled our little girl away and Kevin and I were sent to the waiting room again.
There were a few other people in the waiting room, all minding their own business. Kevin and I sat, each reading our smart phones and waiting on the time to pass until we would hear how everything went.  When I had checked all my emails, surfed through facebook posts and briefly watched a little TV, I kept thinking wonder what's going on back in the operating room. So I closed my eyes and began to pray - Lord, I know this is a common routine procedure, but it isn't common for me to have my daughter going through this. Please Lord let everything go as easily as it is supposed to and help me stay calm so that I can be there for Lil.
I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Therein the waiting room was another family, also waiting on someone who was back have surgery. They had just been called back to go see their family member who was now in recovery. One of the women was wearing a t shirt that said in big bold letters "God is good - all the time" and on the back as she walked away I noticed it said "All the time - God is good". I almost cried, I am certain God was speaking to me, letting me know He got this, everything was going to be just fine.
It was only a minute later that we were called back to go see Lilee in recovery, surgery went well and she was just fine!


Leah said...

Hi Kristina! Love your post, thanks so much for sharing and yes, God truly does hear us and loves us so. I am so glad your dd is well:) I wanted to recommend a wonderful book on prayer that has deepened my prayer life so much lately, "Prayer, does it make any difference?" by Philip Yancey. I highly recommend it and all other books by Yancey, his writing has helped me so much! Hugs to you:)

Karli said...

Hi Kristina,
So glad your little one is well now. My son went through the very same thing when he was five & I remember feeling anxious & wishing I could trade places. I received a tapestry as a gift that reads "be still and know that I am god" and that was very comforting to me. Give your little one lots of hugs & kisses & extra ice cream :) hugs~

Elisabeth said...

So glad to hear that your little one is fine. We get scared a lot when our babies (and even when they are older, they are still our babies) have to go through this. God does work in unexpected ways,doesn't he?