Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday Card for GG

Hi All! Feels like I've been away forever (OK well, at least the month of May) So much to do and so little time, I'm afraid my crafting suffers the most from it.
Well, last Friday was my grandma's birthday ( I won't say how old she is but if you saw her, you wouldn't believe me anyway) So I just HAD to make her a special birthday card. I was reading my sweet and incredibly talented friend, Karli's blog where she made this card and said it was so easy! I thought 'really? easy? OK I gotta try it.' You know what? She was right! Now some of you are probably thinking, "duh I knew that already Krissy, I've made tons" Well, I've always been too lazy to try because I though it must be a lot of work. I was SO WRONG. So if you've never given these tri-fold shutter cards a try, please do. You'll be thanking me just like I'm thanking Karli now!

*Disclaimer: I must apologize for the poor quality of the photos and the distracting backgrounds (I tried to edit the best I could) but I had taken these photos at my Mom's house, with my cell phone, right before we left to go to my Grandma's*

The details: This card is ALL Prima!
I used the Sparkling Spring 6x6 paper pad for the patterned papers, the flowers are assorted Prima's the lace trim is Prima Alencon and I even cut it apart to use the individual flowers as centers for the hydrangeas! There are also a couple of Vintage Trinkets on there.

Wanna know a little secrete? I decorated this entire card while driving from central Ohio to Pittsburgh PA!
Here's the proof:

Yep, that's Helmar 450 Quick Dry you see sitting in my cup holder!

So go try something new today!

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Marlene said...

Wow - that's pretty! And look at you - able to be crafty while in a car! LOL!