Monday, August 16, 2010

Sorry I'm Not Here

I don't usually write the "I'm sorry for not posting" posts because I know you all don't really notice that I haven't been posting. If you're like me you have hundreds of blogs you follow and just read each new post as it pops up in your dashboard. But I do want to say to all the bloggers that I follow I'm sorry for the lack of commenting.
I have been without my own laptop for what is now 10 days, and I'm about to loose my mind from it. Long story short: my computer caught a virus, I tried to fix it, it ended up being far worse than I could handle so now it's in the hands of some computer geeks waiting to be looked at. Now normally I wouldn't call them names, especially since they are probably going to save me from loosing all my files and keeping me from having to buy a new laptop (I hope) but seeing how they were supposed to call me mid to late LAST WEEK to tell me what they expect the repair to cost and I still hadn't heard from them yet. When I called them today the guy said "oh yeah, it's on the work bench waiting to be looked at, we'll call you sometime soon." What the HECK!! So yeah, calling them geeks is being pretty nice.
Anyway, I've been using my husband's computer for some basic online stuff (checking emails, checking facebook, checking my bank statements) I have not been able to spend much time socializing with all of you in bloggy land and it's KILLING ME!
So that's my rant and excuse for being a horrible bloggy friend. I do hope you'll forgive me and please don't take my absence out on the wonderful girls on my DT over at YMH Designs. They are still posting their fabulous projects and would love to hear some encouraging words from you.


flowerdisco said...

It's ok!

Hope you get your computer back SOON!!!!!!!!!

Marlene said...

Man, that is some SHITTY customer service! Hope you get your computer back and healthy! (I'm really so very lucky that I have a hubby who does all this stuff for me, so I'm never without a computer for long. Too bad you don't live near by....he'd have you up and running in no time!)

Melissa said...

I can so relate Kristina....a couple months ago my hubby was out of town and our wireless router went out! I was 2 weeks driving and sitting in parking lots (I have a horrible battery in my laptop so I had to keep it plugged into the lighter in our van!) just to do what little catching up on my email I had to do! It left little time for message boards or keeping up on the blogs I love to visit every morning.

Hope you are back with us soon!!!