Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lilee's Hair Disaster

I'm sure a lot of you have children, they may be grown now or they might still be babies. Well then you are also aware of the things they can do to make you crazy. Today my nearly 5 year old Marleen, took it upon herself to give her little sister Lilee (almost 3 years old) a new hair style.
I thought the two of them were blissfully playing in Marlee room, making a huge mess like they almost always do when unsupervised and quiet. It wasn't until Marlee brought me a crafty "project" she had constructed out of my address labels that I realized they had gotten into our home office (where they know they are not allowed to go). So when I went to see what else she had gotten into, I found various locks of beautiful curly red on the hallway floor. All I could do was gasp when I spotted Lilee sitting on the floor completely missing her bangs! i asked her why she cut her hair (assuming she had done it to herself) and she replied "Marlee did it". I surveyed the damage and found there wasn't much I could do to make it better because I didn't want to cut anymore of her hair off.
Here she is completely bangs-less

and from the side it's almost a mullet.

There is a nice size chunk missing right at the back crown of her head, there's no hiding that Alfalfa spike.

This was the best solution I could come up with. Here's Lilee and her new hair style that she'll be wearing until it grows back in

Marlee is still sitting in the living room recliner being forced to watch the food network until punishment has been decided.


katesacraftybugger said...

oh dear ! - but she is still beautiful and her hair is just the most gorgeous colour - she looks so cute with it up in bunches too

Karli said...

awww, LOL! ya have to scrap this! Watching food network would not be a punishment for me (unless i was super hungry & there was no food around ) but watching Golf or the Bowling Channel or worse, the history channel,---> that's punishment! Big Hugs!

Love That Bug said...

She is adorable. I love the one of her in pig tails.
LOL @ food network, too funny.
My son once wanted to give himself a mohawk, and needless to say when he was done, he had to get a buzz cut.
Thanks for sharing her with us.
Absolutely adorable

eiyiyi said...

Oh Kristina ... she'd look adorable no matter what was done to her hair. What a cutie pie! Love the interim punishmnent. You are funny .... the food channel, how perfect. hugs to you, eileen

Anonymous said...

This will make a great scrapbook page! Luckily we haven't had that happen with my kids, but I remember my brother doing that to my sister, lol! Good luck with the re-grow, but she is still adorable either way! :)

Leah said...

Oh my goodness! I'd probably be so upset at first...but when you think about it, it is pretty funny (and cute) Your little girl is so adorable, bangless and all. Once, when I was even a bit older I believe I decided to cut my bangs and well, I just kept cutting and cutting until they were totally gone and I had a nice little patch of very spikey hair :) Thankfully, hair does grow again! Hugs...

Elisabeth said...

Oh my! We had a similar incident! But she still looks fabulous and just so cute. Love her pig tails. soooo sweet!

Crystal said...

omg! i remember when i was young & my little sister did the exact same thing to her bangs. and it was right before school photos! my mom about died! lol! but no matter what, she is still just gorgeous! hugs!

LollyChops said...

Ok I know it was prolly not funny at the time but what a great story! I am just sitting here cracking up! Boy am I glad I was the older sister and not the younger sister in my family. hehehehe