Sunday, May 23, 2010

Now We're Cookin'

I was busy getting my garden planted yesterday:
It's not much, but we don't have room here for the size garden I'd really like to have.
These are my herbs; Parsley, Chives Oregano and Basil

And these are the peppers; Jalapeno, Hungarian hots and Sweet banana.
I also have a Roma tomato and cherry tomato plants.
So while I was planting my garden , my hubby decided to go shopping and he came home with this :
A new grill! We really were overdue for a new one and the previous grill was kinda rinky-dink and well, crappy, overall. It was all or nothing with the flame, which took a great deal of skill to keep from burning everything to a crisp. I'm so excited about the new one and did you notice it's BLUE (my favorite color) Kevin knows me so well! He did an awesome job picking one out, considering he doesn't cook hardly ever (which I don't mind cuz I love to cook)

Here's our first meal I prepared on it : Grilled Chicken quarters. Nothing special, just what we had in the fridge :) But oh it cooked them like a dream. Am I totally crazy that I get so excited about an appliance?


Anonymous said...

Would love to have a garden, but, alas, the deer & rabbits eat EVERYTHING in our yard. :-( Love the new grill; I love blue, too.

Karli said...

That's a great garden- lots of my favorite herbs-- & banana peppers (Yum!) Your new grill is awesome! I bought my hubby a grill 2 years ago & it's still in the box! :( I knew I should have paid the store to assemble it :( There's nothing yummier than carne asada & grilled chicken. Enjoy your new garden & grill! Big Hugs!

Loopylou!! said...

the garden look fantastic hun, love the pebbl markers. and the grill, wow!! i am not shwing scott as he will need one, ours come in the form of a disposable tray one!!!! though he did an excellent job today on it,yummo!!hugs lou xxx

flowerdisco said...

your garden looks so pretty and neat. I have lots of room for a big garden but I have lots of animals that will eat everything I plant and my DH won't know how to build me an enclosed one. So what I do is plant in pots :)